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10 Australian Finance Podcasts

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10 Australian Finance Podcasts

On the hunt for podcasts about money, buying and investing in property, shares and much more in Australia? We have put together a list of 10 popular money-related podcasts that are based in Australia.

    • The Property Couch
      One of my friends recommended this podcast to me last year when I mentioned that I was on the lookout for more interesting ones as I had binged through all of my current subscriptions. The hosts, Ben and Bryce, are entertaining and go through all facets of the Australian property market. They will cover investing, purchasing, tax minimisation and also have the occasional guest on.
      The Property Couch podcast income master
    • On The Money
      Peter Switzer hosts this podcast who has a long history working in the Australian financial industry. He discusses personal finance.
    • Money Podcast
      The Money Podcast is produced by the Australian website and they discuss personal finance as well as current money-related news across the world.
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    • Financial Autonomy
      This podcast is hosted by Paul Benson and he has many guests on the show to talk about getting your money on track and achieving your financial goals.
      financial autonomy podcast income master
    • Work.Life.Money
      The Work.Life.Money podcast is hosted by Ross Greenwood who is Channel Nine’s finance editor and was originally the co-host host of the show, Sunday. They discuss finance, superannuation, budgeting, focussing on all age groups.
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    • The Money
      The Money podcast is produced by the ABC network and features a range of different hosts that cover the Australian economy.
      The money podcast income master
    • Your Money Your Call
      This podcast is produced by the Sky News channel with a variety of different hosts featured on the show. This podcast is different compared to the others as it is structured as a Q&A show, meaning callers ring through and ask questions with the panel of experts providing their knowledge on the topic.
      Your money your call podcast income master
    • The Business Experiment
      This podcast is hosted by two ladies, Shevonne and Jeminah, who have experience in owning a business so this one will appeal to the entrepreneurship type of people.
      The business experiment podcast income master
    • The Money Cafe
      The Money cafe focus podcast is hosted by Kohler and Kirby and as advertised, the podcast is recorded in a cafe. This may turn some people off due to the distracting noises at times. The podcast is produced by The Australian newspaper.
    • The Rentvesting Podcast
      This podcast is hosted by Jayden Vecchio and produced by Red & Co. In their latest episode, they covered such topics as:
    • David Hyne is a Director of Herron Todd White National Valuers
    • He is based in Brisbane so we speak about the local Brisbane market, things to look for, indicators on when to spot growth, and how to look at markets and find the next hotspot.
    • Where you can buy houses and properties under $500k.
    • We then talk about buying property off the plan, and the difference between investor stock, compared to owner-occupied stock.
    • It’s something you might not have heard of and could be buying a property that is affected by its resale. Lastly, we close off for the next 3-5 years.

      Let us know in the comments section below if you have come across some other podcasts that you have found beneficial.

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