5 jobs paying $50k and more that don’t require a degree

5 jobs paying $50k and more that don’t require a degree

January 30, 2018 0 By incomem

Not everyone is interested or can afford to go to University and pay an enormous bill for a fancy degree.  Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you are stuck at a low paying job stacking shelves or flipping burgers.

We will go through a small sample of some high paying jobs that are available in Australia that don’t require you to hold a degree.

  1. Mining Professionals – Pay range ($56,000 to $300,000)
    While the mining boom we saw in Western Australia has certainly slowed down, there are still plenty of lucrative positions available. These aren’t easy jobs, they are very demanding and physical, with most requiring long periods away from your home and family due to the fly-in-fly-out arrangement (FIFO).General labourers, mechanics and drivers positions can be obtained without a degree as most of the experience will be gained on the job, while some previous experience from prior employment will be an advantage.
  2. Oil, Gas and Petroleum power plant operators – Pay range ($75,000 to $120,000)
    Power plant operators are getting paid very respectable amounts and the positions don’t require a degree. It is expected that you have very good mathematical skills, able to withstand the physical nature of the job and be knowledgeable when it comes to mechanics.
  3. (ICT) Information & Communications Technology Professionals – Pay range ($40,000 to $350,000)
    Obviously the positions on the larger end of the scale involve many years of working your way up the corporate ladder, but there are still some positions that you can get in with minimal experience and no university degree. If you proactively learn new skills and prove that you are useful, you can shift into different positions and get a nice pay bump on the way up.Mr Income Master himself works in this area and didn’t need to spend $20,000 for a piece of paper. These positions are usually suited for people that are problem solvers, can keep up with changing technologies and products. Generally speaking, technical support helpdesk positions are the most common “foot-in-the-door” roles into the IT industry. While I personally hated it, being chained to a desk speaking on a phone for 8 hours a day is pure hell for an introvert like me, some people enjoy the social aspect of it.

  4. Lift, hoist and crane operators – Pay range ($52,000 to $177,000)
    A licence to perform high risk work and completion of a crane operator trainee-ship is required for these positions but no degree is required. This is a dangerous position with deaths occurring on work-sites due to accidents or equipment failing and you will ideally not want to be scared of heights.
  5. Construction Manager – Pay range ($90,000 to $280,000)
    These positions require attention to detail, strong project management skills, and team leadership skills. You are in charge of the success of large projects to ensure it is completed on time and meets the building codes.

    Let us know of any others that you have heard of or maybe a position that you’re in right now that pays well and was relatively simple to get yourself into.

    The pay ranges were gathered from SEEK’s statistics of job listings in Australia.