A2 Milk Expanding to South Korea

A2 Milk Expanding to South Korea

April 16, 2018 0 By incomem

A2M shares saw another gain on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) today after the market release of an exclusive distribution agreement with Yuhan Corporation.

This agreement increases A2 Milk’s already strong exposure to the Asian markets to new territory, South Korea.

A2M Shares graph

Source: asx.com.au

A2 Milk’s CEO, Geoffrey Babidge said, “Yuhan Corporation is a long established, highly credentialed and principled Korean business. We share similar values and ambitions, and with our complimentary capabilities believe that together we can build a meaningful business in Korea.”


A2M shares have enjoyed incredible performance over the last few years but over the last week or so, suffered a dip due to the announcement of powerhouse, Nestle joining in on the market.

About Yuhan Corporation
Yuhan Corporation was established in 1926 by Dr. Ulhan New
Yuhan’s corporate ambition is to improve the health and well being of all Koreans
Voted 2018 Korea’s Most Admired Company in the Korean Management Association Awards
The Yuhan Foundation supports many initiatives in the areas of tertiary, post graduate education, research, welfare and disaster relief