Alibaba stock [BABA]

Alibaba stock [BABA]

May 13, 2018 0 By incomem

Part of having a diversified investment portfolio is having exposure to other parts of the world.

I hold international stocks like:

Alibaba is a huge online store based in China that is very similar to Amazon. The Alibaba stock is sitting at around $193USD from roughly $121USD 12 months ago.

Alibaba group

They are expecting a growth of 5% per year with revenue targeting 53% this quarter.

I don’t currently hold any Alibaba stock but it’s definitely on my radar.

View the charts for Alibaba stock here.

Here are some quick statistics on Alibaba

  • Alibaba cloud revenue for Q4 2017 – $553million
  • Alibaba reached a total of 580 million shoppers as of the beginning of 2018
  • Alibaba cloud customers – 1 million
  • Alibaba’s public cloud service revenue share – 5%
  • Alibaba Group employees – 63,809
  • Alimama generates 60% of Alibaba revenue