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Ellen DeGeneres talks Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining more mainstream publicity by the week. Ellen DeGeneres talked about Bitcoin in a recent episode of her very popular talk show.

“The digital wallet can either be apps on your phone or tiny hard drives – which is a really good idea because who wouldn’t feel safe with their life savings on a piece of plastic that could go into the washing machine,” she commented.

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Stock Market Corrections

The stock markets have seen big corrections over the past week with the Dow Jones and S&P being hit multiple times. During these corrections or even a full-blown crash, it’s important to not act on emotions and think logically. The decisions that you make can change the total figure of your portfolio come retirement vastly.

This article is from Tony Robbins’s monthly “Power Report,” which provides advice and tips about money, investing, and personal finance.

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Diversify across stocks and bonds

We will go through the numbers of how your investment portfolio would look over the period 1926 to 2016 with various ratios across stocks and bonds. This will show the importance of having a diversified portfolio to minimise risk.

Different ratios will suit different people depending on many factors such as age, risk appetite and what your goals for retirement are.

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Robinhood Crypto

The popular commission-free trading app, Robinhood, is now getting involved in the cryptocurrency space. At the time of writing this article, they have received 698,002 users register for an early access account.


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10 Australian Finance Podcasts

On the hunt for podcasts about money, buying and investing in property, shares and much more in Australia? We have put together a list of 10 popular money-related podcasts that are based in Australia.

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Why you should buy dividend paying stocks

We have talked about passive income before and receiving dividends from your stocks and ETFs is a great way to generate some on a regular frequency. They are also a useful tool in building your stock portfolio as you can use the funds to purchase more shares.

Before making a purchase on some new units of stock, it’s good to look into what the dividend history and yield is.

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Top 5 gainers on the ASX200 8th to 15th January

Here are the top 5 gainers on the ASX200 across the period January 8th to January 15th.

  • (BPT) Beach Energy – 8.5%
  • (S32) SOUTH32 – 7.6%
  • (JBH) JB Hi-Fi – 7.4%
  • (BHP) BHP Billiton – 5.1%
  • (PTM) Platinum Asset Management – 5.0%

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A really cool investment portfolio website

I only came across Simply Wall St recently but have fallen in love with it. You can enter in all of the stocks that you hold and it will provide you with a really clean interface full of graphs, statistics, suggestions and much more.

It’s really easy to play around with the site for hours!


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