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BT Super Invest Launched


BT Super Invest Launched

The BT Financial Group have released a new Superannuation product for Westpac customers (to be available later for everyone else) today. BT Super Invest is aimed at people that want more control of their superannuation, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of the compliance and administration work that comes along with operating an SMSF account.

I have already created my account and have been playing around with both the BT android mobile app and the desktop website. The interface is very modern and clean compared to other offerings available and incredibly simple to navigate and use.


Signing up for a BT Super Invest account only takes a few minutes and rolling your super funds over from other funds only requires a couple of clicks. It locates your other superannuation funds the same way the tool works on the MyGov website by using your tax file number.

At the time of release, there is a huge range of investment options available on the BT Super Invest platform.


There are low-cost index funds available like we have talked about in previous articles such as Vanguard, Blackrock and Fidelity. The site shows management costs,

There is also a range of insurance offerings available on the BT Super Invest platform such as Total & Permanent Disablement, Death cover, Trauma cover and Income Protection. Keep in mind that these insurance policies aren’t activated on the account by default, you have to apply for them and it’s strongly recommended that you hold some type of insurance. You don’t want to put yourself or your family in a very hard situation if something unfortunate occurs.


The BT Super Invest account is self-managed, meaning you don’t need a financial adviser to set this account up and start trading. It’s aimed towards the savvy investor who likes doing their own research and investment decisions.

3 thoughts on “BT Super Invest Launched

  1. Great to read this as there is so little 3rd party information/feedback on BT Super Invest. I’m keen due to the flexibility (over something like Choiceplus via Hostplus) but I have issues with BT’s fee gouging – particularly the cash account fee. It seems the money held in the cash account (min. 2k) actually incurrs a cost after interest, rather than returning interest. I can live with that if the balance is kept at 2k however what happens in the Pension phase, when I assume all drawn down money sits in the cash account?

    Also do you know if you are able to keep your investments from the accumulation phase when entering the Pension phase, rather than having to draw them all down and then potentially start again? Hostplus/Choiceplus offer this option and I feel like it’s really important if one retires in a downturn (it’s a lottery!).

    Thanks for any feedback.

  2. I spoke to BT yesterday and they confirm :
    (1) the investment menu within BT Super Invest is identical in both accumulation phase and pension phase;
    (2) investments can be taken from accumulation phase into pension phase (with one possible exception which is ‘Term Deposit’). Such a transfer is called an in-specie transfer.
    (3) because this type of in-specie transfer results in no change in beneficial ownership, it does NOT trigger a CGT event.

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