Dividend Update April 2018

Dividend Update April 2018

April 26, 2018 0 By incomem

Welcome to the first edition of Dividend Update, where we show the progress of our dividend growth over time and display how powerful compounding interest is.

The dividend payouts are a combination of both Mr. and Mrs. Income Master’s Superannuation (401k for our USA readers) accounts and our taxable investment brokerage accounts.

All amounts shown are in Australian dollars. Or as some would say, dollarydoos.



IVV – Blackrock S&P 500 dividends – $2.67

VEU – Vanguard All World Ex-US dividends – $11.90

WFS0863AU – BT Wholesale Plus High Growth Fund dividends – $32.65

VGE – Vanguard Emerging Markets ETF dividends – $3.22

Total dividend income for April 2018: $50.44

A bit of a quieter month as a lot of other payouts had already occurred in March but not too bad overall. IVV Blackrock S&P 500 dividends would have been higher as Mrs. Income Master holds more of these units than myself but just missed the dividend payout this time around as the shares were only recently purchased. On the upside, the IVV shares were bought when the S&P was hit pretty hard a few weeks back so she has seen nice gains on them already in a short space of time.

Another recently purchased ETF that we just missed the dividend cut-off date was VGS – Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares. Next time!

We both hold a small amount of VGE – Vanguard Emerging Markets ETF and will gradually continue to buy more.

The BT Wholesale Plus High Growth Fund is a retail fund offered on the BT Super Invest platform we covered on it’s launch day. It’s a well performing fund with a 1 year return of 8.66% (as of 31st of March, 2018) and offers quarterly dividends.

The Asset allocation as of 31st of March, 2018.

 BT Wholesale Plus High Growth Fund% Assets
Domestic Equity46.08
International Equity37.65
Australian Listed Property5.26
International Fixed Interest2.04
Domestic Fixed Interest1.97
International Listed Property0.93

I’ve been holding VEU Vanguard All World Ex-US shares for a while now and currently sitting at a profit of 9.86%. Unfortunately, the dividends dropped a fair bit this quarter.

It’s a pity my best performer, A2M Shares (50.55% profit) doesn’t pay dividends but maybe one day they will.

April 2018 Dividend Income from other dividend bloggers


Dividend Investor Web – Total: $787.79

Passive Canadian Income – Total: $351.55


Here is an upcoming list of companies on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) that are paying dividends shortly.

SNCSandon Capital Limited48 May 2018$0.035100%Interim18 May 20183.37%
RMDResmed Inc Cdi 10:1 Foreign Exempt NYSE59 May 2018$0.0320%Interim14 Jun 20180.25%
KPGKelly Partners Group59 May 2018$0.010100%Interim16 May 20180.70%
TWDTamawood Limited711 May 2018$0.110100%Interim01 Jun 20182.61%
ANZANZ Banking Group Limited1014 May 2018$0.800100%Interim02 Jul 20182.90%
UOSUnited Overseas Aust1115 May 2018$0.0250%Final07 Jun 20183.62%
NABNational Aust. Bank1115 May 2018$0.990100%Interim05 Jul 20183.40%
REXRegional Express1216 May 2018$0.040100%Interim31 May 20182.68%
PL8Plato Inc MAX Limited1216 May 2018$0.005100%Interim31 May 20180.48%
ASGAutosports Group Limited1216 May 2018$0.042100%Interim31 May 20182.26%
ZELZ Energy Limited Foreign Exempt NZX1317 May 2018$0.2050%Final30 May 20182.96%
AYKAmyf Four Limited1721 May 2018$0.260100%Interim29 May 20181.27%
AYZAmyf Five Limited1721 May 2018$0.330100%Interim29 May 20180.56%
OPGOpus Group Limited2125 May 2018$0.010100%Final08 Jun 20182.60%
RBDRestaurant Brands NZ Foreign Exempt NZX2731 May 2018$0.1700%Final22 Jun 20182.57%
KMDKathmandu Hold Limited347 Jun 2018$0.032100%Interim22 Jun 20181.28%
CIMCimic Group Limited4013 Jun 2018$0.750100%Final04 Jul 20181.65%
PL8Plato Inc MAX Limited4114 Jun 2018$0.005100%Interim29 Jun 20180.48%
NAMNamoi Cotton Limited592 Jul 2018$0.01919.47%Final24 Jul 20183.80%