Dividend Update July – 2018

July 29, 2018 0 By incomem

Welcome to another edition of Dividend Update, where we show the progress of our dividend growth over time and display how powerful compounding interest is.

The dividend payouts are a combination of both Mr. and Mrs. Income Master’s Superannuation (401k for our USA readers) accounts and our taxable investment brokerage accounts.

All amounts shown are in Australian dollars. Or as some would say, dollarydoos.


Blackrock iShares MSCI Japan ETF [IJP] $3.68

Blackrock iShares S&P 500 ETF [IVV] $55.87

Vanguard All World Ex-US ETF [VEU] $48.97

Fidelity Wholesale Plus Global Equities Fund $906.69

Pendal Wholesale Plus Active High Growth Fund $827.55

Vanguard Emerging Markets ETF [VGE] $46.38

Vanguard International Shares ETF Units [VGS] $97.22

Total dividend income for July 2018: $1,986.36

Our biggest month to date!