Podcasts Of The Week [1st week June]

June 3, 2018 0 By incomem

Welcome to another edition of Podcast Of The Week!

Each week we will post a few of the best podcast episodes that we have listened to over the last 7 days.  The podcasts will cover various topics, not just personal finance and investing.

Most of my regular podcast channels that I tune into were a bit quiet this week so I only have two to recommend.

Podcast: Foundr

Episode: Zero to $10 Million in 4 Years: How King Kong’s Sabri Suby Went from Work-at-Home

Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/foundrmag/FP201_Sabri_Suby.mp3?dest-id=208856


To Sabri Suby, business is a jungle and only the strong survive. To be successful, you need to dominate the digital landscape and crush the competition into a fine powder. That fierce attitude has served Suby, and his clients, very well over the years.

Suby is the founder of King Kong, the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in Australia. Last year, King Kong raked in $7 million in revenue from its digital marketing campaigns, over $200 million in sales for its clients, and this year, is aiming to top that.

Hustling since he was a teen, Suby learned how to sell early on. Making a whole lot of cold calls over the course of his life, he never let up. Starting King Kong in his bedroom on his girlfriend’s laptop, Suby preferred to jump into the trenches and get his hands dirty instead of wasting time reading business books and attending events. That unrelenting approach definitely paid off.

Listen in as Suby discusses why his agency scaled to millions in revenue so quickly, how to dominate direct response marketing, and why a service-based business should be the top choice for entrepreneurs.

Podcast: The MFCEO Podcast

Episode: The #1 Daily Habit of Those Who Dominate, with Andy Frisella

Link: https://andyfrisella.com/blogs/mfceo-project-podcast/the-1-daily-habit-of-those-who-dominate-with-andy-frisella-mfceo240


So you say you’re ready to fulfill your own true potential & achieve success & become a millionaire. That’s sounds so bad*ss, doesn’t it? So sexy. So cool. Why wouldn’t everyone want to go all in on something like that? Because…the ACTUAL pursuit of success begins & ends with a principle that is totally unsexy & totally uncool, but utterly indispensable. What is it? Listen & find out.

Podcast: ChooseFI

Episode: Travel Rewards | Advanced

Link: https://www.choosefi.com/077-travel-rewards-marla-taner/


Experienced travel hacker and world traveler Marla Taner shares story of reaching financial independence, and her best tips for getting to Hawaii, Costa Rica and the Caribbean with minimal expenses, using credit cards points and air miles.

What you’ll get in this episode:

  • How Brad and Jonathan come to know Marla

  • What does it mean for Marla to be 3rd generation FI?

  • What lessons did she learn from her parents and grandparents in regards to managing finances?

  • How did Marla learn to budget as a teenager?

  • How did Marla reach financial independence?

  • Why is Marla committed to being fully retired in her 40s, without any side jobs?

  • As an early retiree, with lots of time for self-reflection, what activities and aspirations has Marla come to embrace?

  • How did the Vancouver Olympics jump start Marla’s habit of travel hacking?

  • Airfare Tip: redeeming British Airways miles through Alaska or American Air allows you to travel to Hawaii from the West Coast for just 25,000 air miles.

  • Hotel Tip: Sign up for hotel credit card to get free points or free nights.

  • What is a “sweet spot” in regard to travel rewards?

  • How does the flight booking process work with the British Airways travel rewards?

  • Getting to Hawaii from elsewhere in the US: points through Korean Air, which is partnered with Delta.

  • How would someone determine if they’re getting a good deal on travel rewards?

  • Marriott and IHG credit cards have a yearly fee, but offer anniversary points.

  • What is Marla excited about in travel rewards this year?

  • Southwest Companion Pass: earn 110,000 miles, then bring a companion for free

  • Marriott Nights and Flights: redeem 200,000 or more Marriott points for Southwest Rapid Rewards, and a 7-night stay at any Marriott

  • Vacation Tip: Stack your Southwest Companion Pass with Marriott Nights and Flights for a family vacation.

  • Costa Rica Tips: Fly Southwest from Houston or Fort Lauderdale, redeem points for the Hyatt.

  • Navigating between Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve opens some nice travel options.

  • Does travel hacking actually cost more money?