Podcasts that will change your life

Podcasts that will change your life

January 10, 2018 2 By incomem

Podcasts have become very popular over the last few years and I’ll admit, I was a bit late to the party.

It started when signing up for Spotify and going through all the features on there and then deciding to discover if there were any interesting podcasts. Because I already had an interest in entrepreneurship, investing, life hacks, self-help, I was lucky to come across a few podcasts that have been incredibly rewarding.

While I still love listening to music, I’ve found a new love of listening to podcasts every day and learning new skills.

Here are some of best podcasts that I regularly listen to:

    1. Self-Made Man – This was the first podcast that I came across and it hooked me in from the first episode. The host, Mike Dillard, interviews a huge range of mega-successful people and they talk about how they achieved what they did and all the useful tips that they learned along the journey. Mike is a great host and always asks the guests interesting questions, not just the same basic ones that you might hear on other podcasts.He’s had guests on the show such as Tony Robbins, Tucker Max, Mike Chang, Simon Sinek, Gene Simmons and Drew Canole. They cover a wide range of topics as the guests come from all different walks of life and have built businesses in various niches and markets.This is a recommended podcast if you have that entrepreneurial personality trait and want tips on growing your business, productivity tips, scaling advice, social media marketing and much more.
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    2. The Tim Ferriss Show – Usually 6 episodes are released per month and the podcasts generally go for 1-2 hours so they are great to listen to in the car if you’ve got a long commute to and from work. Tim has had some massive names on his podcast show such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Bill Burr, Dorian Yates and Vince Vaughn.Because of the wide range of hosts that Tim Ferriss has on his podcast show, they cover almost any topic imaginable. This helps keep the show fresh and you are constantly learning new life hacks and all sorts of little tips and tricks.
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    3. ChooseFI – The ChooseFI podcast focuses on a term you might be familiar with, FIRE (financial independence retire early.) The two hosts interview various people from the financial independence community about how they achieved being able to quit their day job and retire decades before most other people do. Some of the people that they interview on the podcast aren’t quite retired yet but well on the way to being able to leave their job and spend the rest of their days doing what they want.A popular pastime among many of these people is to travel hack and accumulate massive amounts of travel reward points so they can use all their newly found free time travelling the world. If this sounds like something that you would like to pursue, I definitely recommend tuning in to the ChooseFI podcast as you’ll gain some extremely useful tips that if you execute, can help you build wealth and retire early.
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    4. Foundr Magazine Podcast – A popular entrepreneurship podcast that’s based in Australia but interviews people from all over the world. The host, Nathan Chan, has had such guests as Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Steve Huffman and Mark Cuban. The podcast revolves around people that have built extremely successful businesses and you will learn a lot by listening to the advice that’s provided. There are usually 5 or so episodes a month released which is a good amount to keep you subscribed and interested.
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    5. Superfast Business Podcast – James Schramko hosts this podcast, also based in Australia and he offers his lessons that he has learned along his journey as well as interviewing other experienced people.  He was a successful General Manager working for Mercedes-Benz while building an online business in his spare time on the side. Once the online business took off, he has been working on it fulltime ever since and loving life and helping others grow and scale their businesses.
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      Let us know in the comments below if you recommend any podcasts that you have found beneficial. Doesn’t have to be finance related, can be anything really! I run into the problem of finishing all the episodes of my favourite podcasts and then running out of things to listen to quite frequently.