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A really cool investment portfolio website

A really cool investment portfolio website

I only came across Simply Wall St recently but have fallen in love with it. You can enter in all of the stocks that you hold and it will provide you with a really clean interface full of graphs, statistics, suggestions and much more.

It’s really easy to play around with the site for hours! If you’re like me that is always on the hunt for new shares to buy, it’s a great place to use as it will

provide you with so much vital information whether the investment fits your risk appetite profile, offers the dividends that you want etc.

Simply Wall St

The Ideas area offers a wide range of possible stocks or index funds that may be of interest to you with such catagories as renewable and clean technology, aerospace and defense, tech stocks and potentially undervalued stocks. Each Stock/Fund displays a snowflake graph which details 5 aspects. Value, Future, Past, Health and Dividend.

Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St is also available on the iTunes App store and the Google PlayStore. I recommend using the apps if you are intending to use it on a phone as I came across a few issues when using the mobile-based website.

Simply Wall St

They cover a wide range of exchanges like the ASX, NYSE, Nasdaq, NSE, BSE, TSX, TSXV, LSE, AIM, NZSE, SEHK and SGX. There are many others that are currently being worked on and will be supported soon.

Simply Wall St

There is 3 different tiers of plans offered. Free, The Investor Plan $174 and the Pro Plan, $480. The free plan is enough if you don’t hold a huge portfolio as it supports 6 company transactions in a portfolio.


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  1. I wasn’t aware of Simply Wall St app, but I will look into this. Thanks for pointing out a few information about this new app, atleast new to me.


    • I was surprised I had only come across it recently too. I’ve added all of my stocks to my profile and will be using it going forward.

  2. Thanks for that, I just signed up!

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