The 5 Rules for Mastering the Game of Building Wealth

May 31, 2018 0 By incomem

We’ve mentioned The Property Couch podcast before and their new episode this week was great.

They touched on the following topics and common questions people have when they approach financial advisers and planners.

  • Get the 5 Rules to Win at Property Investing
  • Find out if the Tax Reform announced in the latest Budget affects you
  • See what you need to do BEFORE you start investing for income
  • Learn what percentage of land classifies an investment-grade property
  • Discover the distinct advantage property has overstocks
  • Avoid THIS big, big problem with investing in Greenfields
  • Hear how to avoid big investment risks
  • Learn the tips to protect your portfolio, including the #1 insurance you need
  • Find out what’s a Collaborative Law and how you may use it
  • Realise how to spot a spruiker
  • Get the real retirement age you should aim for if you’re under 35

The Property Couch